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Adventures outside your standard tourist visits

I want to start off by saying that my experience with Wanderlum has been one of the best experiences ever. Rosbel & Gerardo have been very welcoming. They are by far the happiest couple I've ever met. What they provide is authentic they share and transmit their positive energy to everyone. Their main objective is for others to experience what life and nature has to offer here in Yucatan Peninsula. In a sense they help you find yourself, they help you get grounded with the simplicity of life. 

I've been to numerous outings with them and all of my experiences have been very memorable, some exhausting but well worth it. Rosbel & Gerardo tried to focus on other sites and adventures outside of your standard tourist visits. I highly recommend to make your next adventure with Wanderlum, you won't regret it. 

In my first outing, we went to Tekax and visited a cave called “El Platanal”, the burials' cave. We climbed down with a rope into the cave. We did some exploring, we visited a grave where we seen a skull, myth says it belongs to Anakleto (he is supposed to be the guardian of the cave and we had to ask permission to explore it). We climbed down into the cave and exited through a very small hole. It was an awesome experience, we ended our visit with some zip lining and some local food.


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