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Your retreat, KICK-OFF or brainstorming in nature. ECO-FRIENDLY tours for team-building, bonding, incentives, or to improve communication / leadership

Team-building and retreats

A business retreat in Yucatan? Achieve it in time and under budget.
We help you with corporate services in Merida, ecotourism, haciendas, cenotes, and other Yucatan inspiring landscapes

  1. Bonding and games - tailored to your objectives... a natural team-building

  2. Recognize your team's achievements: business and incentive trips

  3. Destination meetings, peace and inspiration - ideal for your sales teams and executive leaders

  4. Strenghthen social culture through charitable events and promote social inclusion

  5. Live Yucatan today with training out of an office environment

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Organize your Yucatan event:

Venue and services to bring it to life with transparency and order

Event planning

Travel logistics

Venue selection

Destination insights and knowledge

Event design and decor for your theme and ideas

Transparent communication and online status

On-site staffing, hosts

We understad the challenges you face: long-distance planning, multiple vendors, changes, logistics, ...

Show your style, and add local insights

1. Getting to know you

What's most important to you?
Your event planner will chat with you about your needs and will help you boost your creativity to put together imaginative services for your style. Select the best choice for your goals and budget.

2. Customizing your event

We’ll work on your theme and design together, based on the location, venue, group size, and desired outcomes… get creative proposals. How much Mayan culture and nature surroundings do you want?

3. Working on the details

We’ll focus on the finer details with a Project Management approach, you’ll be able to check online that everything goes off without a hitch, no matter where you are or what time zone you're in.

4. Let the show begin

When you do what you love, it shows!
Enjoy powerful results. We’ll facilitate communication among all participants so they’ll be ready. Also, you’ll all receive recommendations for before and after the event.
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Social inclusion

Imagine getting out of your comfort zone, feel the breeze, and admire nature, flora, and even exotic birds
Did you know this is only 1 of the multiple situations a person with disability can't usually experience? Is this a disability limit or an unfair social limitation?
Feel for a moment how it is to explore with a disability. Live social responsibility and share this experience with a local who cannot hear, walk, or see the same way you do.

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Protect the environment

How many hectares and time would you donate to help recover our Mother Earth?
Live a sustainability program: learn eco-techniques easy to apply, and recognize the impacts of our daily lives
Sleep under the starry sky, and discover flora, fauna, or even permaculture secrets
Relax and feel the nature of this Mayan land.

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Give life to your dreamed event in Yucatan: add creativity, local insights and order

We're Rosbel and Gerardo! Two business consultants, who began in the corporate world with over 11 years of experience in Project Management consulting, and passionate about traveling. Now, founders of Wanderlum to bring you fun events.

After living in different countries, and immersing in Mayan lands (Lu’um), we appreciate it, constantly spend time to understand it better. We have mixed this local culture with impro-theater, music, holistic views, games, and more. We want to share your future event with you.

We'll be happy to host you and coordinate your tailored-made event in Yucatan or Riviera Maya.

Let's Wander-lu'um!

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