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Wanderlum comes from (1) wander: walk/travel leisurely, and (2) lu'um: Earth in mayan.
Dare to live epic travels based on your style… enjoy with your partner, friends, relatives, nephews or grandparents!

Benefit from Yucatan, Riviera Maya or Campeche's wonders.
Visit Chichen Itza, live authentic Mayan villages culture, immerse in nature (cave' darkness or unique fauna at beaches, cenotes, in the jungle...), or simply, try something new.

Each service you book with us, or for which you recommend us, you may get points to redeem for offers, expeditions...

... Venture your way!

Explore epic expeditions, which will make you fall for this region of the world.

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There's always somewhere or something new… get new ideas of what to do in the area.

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Hey, we are Rosbel and Gerardo!
2 Mexican travelers who want to share tips with you and help you live unique adventures according to your style. Contact us!

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Wanderlum Stories

Adventure is everywhere

In your opinion, what does it take to be an adventurer? It doesn’t necessarily involve being risky, extravagant or performing exhausting activities. I refer to those who dare to discover new experiences, be constant learners and are not influenced by what a group or the media says, or how popular something seems.I want to share 3 recent excursio...
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Carlos at the Crystal Caves!

Hi!Today, let me share with you Carlos story.He lives in Mérida, he is a young entrepreneur, and one of those persons who can’t remain passive for a long time. He loves biking, and does so everyday at 4:30 am because he aims to improve his time to reach  Progreso, the closest beach to Merida.Even though it’s easy for him to meet people, he ...
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