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Welcome to Wanderlum

Explore the best & unbeaten paths of Southern Mexico... Live the classic, authentic Mayan and different experiences!

We know travelling in Mexico is exciting! And visiting a region with so much to offer (beaches, cenotes, jungle, adventure, spirituality, Mayan ruins…) is amazing, but it can also be challenging to choose where to start or what else to visit.

We help you get the most out of your stay in southeast Mexico- Merida, Cancun, Riviera Maya, Holbox, Bacalar, Campeche… and, as all of us travel differently (with our couple, family or friends) we give you recommendations of 3 different kinds:

1) If you're looking for guided tours with hotel pick-up to explore astounding places, or all-inclusive packages
We help you with a tours package in groups, private, or mixed. You could visit Chichen Itza, Tulum, cenotes, Las Coloradas, or go kayaking, biking through trails, take a cooking class at a village or practice yoga at a private cenote.

2) If you like going on your own
We help you with vans or car rentals, we recommend you places to visit and book for you with parks or local guides, so everything is ready and setup for you to enjoy your day.

3) Where to sleep
If you want to stay in the city, we book you an ideal hotel for you. If you like staying near natural landscapes, we book you recommended cabins or camping at cenotes or beaches.

Which places do we work with?
We invite you to enjoy the most popular and favorite places, as well as those off-the-beaten-path or hidden-gems. We love this region's landscapes and culture, and we share information about the many places worth visiting (including how to get there, what to do, care recommendations, etc).
Discover around 577, which we have published for free. It's been a challenge, but otherwise, many of these don't have any other online presence, other than at Wanderlum. Several are managed by rural cooperatives: farmers, fishermen or artisans who additionally to their activities, educate themselves to offer you services such as: workshops, kayak, cenotes, hiking, camping, rituals, etc.

Contact us to learn more, or if you are interested in a retreat: corporate, spiritual, educational, or if you manage a place and want to join.

Oh!... Wanderlum comes from (1) wander: walk/travel leisurely, and (2) lu'um: Earth in mayan :)

... Venture your way!

Discover expeditions from: Merida, Cancun, Riviera Maya, Bacalar...

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Get new ideas of what to do in the area.

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custom trip here, personaliza tu viaje us cartoon

Hey, we are Rosbel and Gerardo!
2 avid travelers of Mexico and the World.

We chose this region because we fell for it. We live in Merida and we usually say we didn't choose it, Merida chose us :)

We focus on 3 pillars.
I) we love exploring remote areas and talking to local people; which led us to promote their projects.
II) we believe in spending more quality time, and that entertainment is for everyone; therefore, we promote inclusion.
III) our world needs small actions to care for nature, appreciate wildlife and cultural diversity; which we live and share on a daily basis.

We want to share tips with you and help you enjoy according to your style. Contact us!

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Wanderlum Stories

Visit Merida, Mexico with family, partner, or friends

Hello!Are you a first-timer and wondering what to do in Merida? Or, are you already an expert?Either way, we can help you, and you will be wanting to come back soon. For experts, you know that Yucatan has a lot to offer, and more ideas are always welcome. First, we need to know more about you and know how would you like to travel this time. I wi...
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5 styles to live Yucatan

By Rosbel in Eco Center

Apr 10, 2018

Welcome to the exotic Yucatan, the ancient Mayan territory awaiting to offer you life-changing experiences. How do you want to explore it? Live your epic getaway with friends, family or your partner. Build special times for bonding while: exploring a new activity, learning from local lifestyle or discovering your new favorite destination. Enjoy ...
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The best cenote for you in Yucatan

By Rosbel in Cenote Noh-Mozón

Mar 7, 2018

You must visit Yucatan cenotes. Discover the best cenotes in Merida and the best blue cenotes in Riviera Maya. There are over 8,000 in the region. And each cenote is unique… * Remember you can request your free interactive cenotes map of Yucatan and Riviera Maya.Have you felt the sunlight coming in through the small cave dome-entrance or fe...
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