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Welcome to Wanderlum

We help you coordinate easily your tailored-made trip for your group of family or friends; whom you know are not typical and who want to explore Yucatan or Riviera Maya.

Go back in time. Which is your first happy memory that comes to mind from your childhood?
Maybe a summer, some laughs, songs, games, biking adventures… It's the same for us.

We're against current loneliness trends. Although you now meet more people and you're more connected, truth is, you're more detached from them.
To make your life memorable, spending quality time is key. Those moments where you can be yourself, as you are, in the company of your group.

Do you want a trip to help you forge deeper connections where everyone has a good time?
Appreciate each other and discover new social bonds. Surprise them and have fun with activities tailored for your group, immersed in your travel itinerary.

We understand you; organizing the details of a trip without interrupting your day-to-day occupations is a challenge.
How to plan your voyage if the web overflows with outdated or deceptive photos and information?
Not to even mention, how many hours and calls will you spend?

That's why we help you coordinate it, even the finest details, with local insight.
This is our proposal: give you tailored activities, your transportation, and accommodation.
Either if you aim for a corporate event to integrate your team members, improve leadership and communication skills; or if you're planning a fun getaway for your large friends or family group, share a different experience and learn something new.

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We're Rosbel and Gerardo! Two business consultants, who began in the corporate world with over 11 years of experience in Project Management, and passionate about traveling.

After living in different countries, and immersing in Mayan lands (Lu’um), we appreciate it, constantly spend time to understand it better, and we want to share it with you.

We'll be happy to host you and share your tailored-made event in Yucatan or Riviera Maya.

Let's Wander-lu'um!

Customize your trip


We know your group is certainly not typical

We coordinate your trip, easy and fast

1. Get comfortably to Yucatán & Riviera Maya

2. How do you imagine Yucatán & Riviera Maya?

3. Relax at a suitable accommodation for you

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Renew yourself surrounded by nature in Yucatan

Do you also feel time flies with a busy routine? 🗓⌛️You need a getaway to reload your energy levels. Enjoy nature breath fresh air, walk, and explore 😎We want to share with you a couple of options for an authentic Mayan style getaway!Can you imagine yourself discovering an ancient Mayan city still covered by jungle?You can camp with yo...
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What to do in Merida Mexico for the first time

By Gerardo Flores Schmelensky in Mérida

Oct 22, 2018

You have heard a lot about the Yucatan, and finally, you have booked your flights! Now the question is: What to do in Merida?Discover the Mayan HeritageIf this is your first time, you’ll certainly be interested in Mayan culture. The good news is, only the Yucatan state has over 15 archaeological sites to immerse.Be amazed at Chichen Itza, o...
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Visit Merida, Mexico with family, partner, or friends

Hello!Are you a first-timer and wondering what to do in Merida? Or, are you already an expert?Either way, we can help you, and you will be wanting to come back soon. For experts, you know that Yucatan has a lot to offer, and more ideas are always welcome. First, we need to know more about you and know how would you like to travel this time. I wi...
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