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Adventurers spring break essentials in a peculiar yucatec way

Long weekends, Easter holidays and spring break approach quickly... as you get ready for the warm weather here are some adventures and daytrip ideas in Southeast Mexico (from Yucatan, Quintana Roo, Campeche, Mérida, or anywhere in Riviera Maya - from Cancun to Tulum). No matter if you travel with friends, roommates, family, or your significant other, surprise them getting traveling essentials the Yucatec way.

Sun hats in Becal, Campeche

Enjoy a daytrip either from Merida or Campeche City, Becal is a small town famous for its Panama-style hats. Local people hand make the hats inside caves on the back of their houses. There are different styles for men and women, different color combinations, and different weaving style; price increases with color and weaving difficulty. You can enjoy the process by asking one of the producers. They are so proud of them having learned this hats technique, they even have a big hat sculpture in the main square.

Insect repellent from Tekax, Yucatán

As temperature rises, so does the amount of mosquitoes all over the region. Mayan communities still prepare a tobacco-based natural repellent. These are usually not for sale but as locals prepare it for themselves or for certain expeditions, you can book a Tekax adventure and ask for your repellent in advance; also the adventure by itself is worth it.

Holiday bag, made from coconuts in Progreso, Yucatán

If you are planning a daytrip close to Merida and visit Progreso (either for the beach, mangroves or kayaking), you should stop by El Corchito. It is a small natural reserve across the river, between mangroves and with a couple of watersprings where you can swim. It’s an excellent choice for a relax day close to nature. On your way in or out, remember to visit one of the stores right in front of where you take the boat; they sell coconut products. Their hard cover and decoration make for a great accessory to go to the beach or to a cenote keeping your items dry.

Fresh and weaved clothing in Kimbila, Yucatán

Kimbila is a small town 10 minutes drive from Izamal, one of the most popular colonial towns in Yucatan. In Kimbila you can find variety of handmade weaved clothing, from essential blouses to sophisticated and unique weavings creating wonderful dresses, etc. Aside from a couple of stores in the main square, the street heading out of town is full of stores from different manufacturers.

Aside from Kimbila, you can complete your daytrip visiting Izamal or OxWatz if you feel really adventurous (read about the latter one for an insight on nature, culture and adventure in 1 place).

Hammocks in Tixkokob, Yucatán

“If you haven’t slept in a hammock, you haven’t been to Yucatan” .You may have noticed in Yucatan every house, no distinction between modest or luxurious, has where to hang a hammock. Tixkokob is 30-minutes drive from Merida, and it’s an excellent opportunity to find a perfect hammock for you. Locals are in charge of everything concerning its elaboration: from the threads, colors and weaving... you will certainly the one that fits your needs the most. You will find all colors, styles and sizes. Nearby you can find haciendas, old convents, ruins, and more.

Fresh summer-shoes and sandals in Ticul, Yucatán

Ticul is the place of shoes factories. Different designs are created every day with excellent quality for women, men and children. Once in Ticul, you can also visit haciendas, cenotes and archaeological sites. Its geography allows to choose Ticul as a base point to start trips to any Puuc-route destination (read more about the region at Culture from up high).

Extra: Rehydrate with fruit water

Independent of which adventure you chose, thirstiness is certain to come in this hot weather, remember to ask for local fruit water! From watermelon, melon, papaya, pitaya, chaya, lime…


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