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Celestun beach from Merida, Mexico

Celestún is a very popular destination among tourists that visit Merida, Yucatán. It’s mainly known for the flamingos in the area. A 2 hours drive can bring you to this fishermen village bordering the neighboring state Campeche.

Flamingoes at Celestun Reserve: taken in "tour to Celestun from Merida Mexico"

Besides flamingos, this village has a natural reserve with several landscapes to enjoy. There is a river, and when the tide is high, the water of the sea is mixed with the one of the river, creating an ecosystem where not many plants can survive.

Mangrove can live here, and this tree is really helpful. Firstly, it’s a natural barrier against hurricanes. Also it enables several animal species like crocodiles, crustaceans, fish, and birds to find food and shelter.

That’s the reason why the most popular activity to do in Celestún is a boat tour at the river, enjoying landscapes, surrounded by nature, and many flamingos!! (Mainly at autumn and winter). This will make your perfect photo shot while these birds eat or rest. Then the boat crosses some mangroves tunnels reaching a place where you can land and visit some reddish crystal clear water springs.

If you’re lucky, it’s also possible to see flamingos at the beach on your way back to the harbor.

You can rest at the lonely beach of Celestún and enjoy Yucatecan seafood.

In the area, you can also take a boat tour to some salt mines, and also to Isla Arena (a town that is popular because Pedro Infante visited several times, he was one of the most famous Mexican singers from the 1940’s and 50’s. You can find crocodiles there and even visit the “petrified forest”). In Celestún you can also find kayaks and row in the river.

As you can notice, Celestún is one more amazing place to consider during your Yucatan vacations! ;)

How to get to Celestun from Merida:


  • It is advisable to bring insect repellent, hat or cap, and water; remember heat can be extreme, mainly from April to September

  • Take care of nature

  • Take all your trash with you


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