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For foodies... An overview of Yucatan cuisine!

When we travel, we love to learn about local culture. That culture that can be appreciated in the way of speaking, the music, the arts, and of course… In its cuisine!

I will show you some of the most traditional dishes in Yucatan cuisine. And here you can cook some of them: Yucatan Cuisine lessons at a Mayan Village >>

Why is Yucatan food different from traditional tacos?

And even when Mexican food is known around of the globe, aside from “Cochinita Pibil tacos”, almost no Yucatan dishes are known.
First, it’s important to remember that Yucatan food has been influenced over the years and it’s a mix of Mayan food and the Spanish Colonial one, obtaining a remarkable success.

Some dishes, like “salbutes” look simple.
But they are usually served with others really hard to prepare, like “Relleno negro”. The latter can require days of previous preparation when its made in the traditional way.  

Other dishes are prepared only for certain holidays, like “pib”.
You can only find this dish in “Hanal Pixan” or “Day of the dead”.
This dish is a kind of steaming corn cake with several ingredients, and in some villages, it’s still cooked in a hole in the ground.

And for breakfast, we have the famous “Motuleños” eggs, which have Arabic influence.
In Motul town you can eat the original ones, which are really different from those you find at restaurants in other parts of Mexico.

Besides, there are panuchos, queso relleno (Edam cheese filled with meat), poc chuc, lime soup, beans with pork, and many others.
People say that more than 300 dishes conform Yucatecan cuisine! 

A piece of good news if you don’t eat spicy food…. Not all Yucatan dishes have chili! However, if you are from those who really love spicy, in this region of Mexico the most common chili is Habanero! So everyone can enjoy Yucatecan food, no matter if you prefer it spicy or not.  

The real dilemma for foodies is… 

Where to enjoy authentic Yucatan food in Merida?

Of course, Merida has a lot of touristic restaurants.
But if you are looking for authentic flavors, probably you’ll have to try some street food and market food. 

However, if you want authentic and traditional, you must head outside of Merida, to any of the many beautiful towns in Yucatan.  

If you want to discover some of the secrets of Yucatan food on your own, contact us. We can help you with a cooking class at a Mayan village 😋 

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