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Free events, culture, and popular attractions in Merida

As Merida is by itself a very popular destination due to a handful of reasons, the following summarizes what makes coming to Merida unique versus staying anywhere else. I have compared the marvels of living in this city to others where I’ve lived; this article now contrasts the 3 main reasons why I suggest staying at Merida when visiting this region.

The 3 main reasons why you'll love Merida Yucatan: cultural events, present indigenous roots, and wonderful nearby attractions (confirmed, you will not finish exploring and marveling at each unique new place, even if you set yourself to explore every single weekend of a year).

1. Culture

You name it: theater, acrobatics, live music, orchestras, festivals, photography, sculpture, chorals, carnivals, dance, gastronomy… Additional to multiple museums, theaters and galleries, there are many magnificent events from all over the world.

There are 2 big challenges:

  1. Keep track of the multiple events going on every day in this twice-named American Capital of Culture

  2. Truly appraise the astounding quality of events showcasing in the city when almost everything is free

There are public events: from both the City’s and State’s government, several private events at culture houses, regional centers, main nearby towns’ fests, etc.

Some of the events you should look after:

  • Weekly events in Merida Yucatan

    • Monday: Regional folk dances

    • Tuesday: live orchestra dancing, and trova

    • Wednesday: cemetery night tour, and live culture-history show & video-mapping

    • Thursday: Trova&Dance nights

    • Friday: Cathedral video-mapping, and museum video-mapping

    • Saturday: Mayan ball game (pok-ta-pok), museum video-mapping, Dances at Mexican night, and (1 weekend a month) nocturnal biking route & Montejo video-mapping

    • Sunday: Morning biking route, Downtown shows, and museum video-mappin

  • Monthly events in Merida

    • January - Merida Fest and The 3 wise men day

    • February - Candelaria day and the Carnival

    • March - Trova music & Equinox & Cultural spring festival

    • April - Children’s day

    • June - White City night

    • July and August - different summer festivals

    • September - Cultural autumn festival & Equinox

    • October - Mayan culture festival, Guelaguetza festival and Day of the dead Week

    • November - Hanal Pixan, Merida Festival - Xmatkuil and chorus festival

    • December - 2nd White City night, Contemporary dance and Metals festivals, and Christmas events

  • Others: events influenced by other countries festivities (France’s music fest in June or St Patrick’s in March), International festivals, recurrent events at Museums or Centers

2. Authentic traditions, lifestyle, handcrafts, language, and cuisine

Yucatan is the Mexican state with the highest ratio of indigenous speakers. In this region, you should learn some Mayan! Over 44% of the state’s population speaks it; from which about 7% only communicate in Mayan.

Additionally, local Spanish has a unique accent and unique words: a mix of Mayan and Spanish.

Of course, this segregation in language creates a culture of its own, which is also surrounded by local traditions, legends, gastronomic dishes, etc… this is something you need to live and experience in order to fully grasp it.

3. Excellent location to visit popular destinations in the region

Merida is considered the safest city in Mexico, it is a growing town with all services you would need: restaurants, hotels, tours, exchange houses, banks, bus terminals, international airport…  

It is easily accessible:

  • Direct flights from Cancun, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Miami…

  • 40-minutes drive from Progreso, a cruise stop

  • Almost 4-hours drive from Cancún or Tulum

It is located in the midpoint of main landmarks in the area:

Aside from the places, the cultural diversity permits the offering of multiple activities to enjoy and learn from the jungle, the coast, the villages, underground territories, etc.

Enjoy the culture, dances, cuisine and natural landscapes of Merida Yucatan


P.S. Remember to get your Merida map with a list of our recommendations and Merida's free events calendar, read the article here.

If you want more recommendations once in Merida (and if you use facebook messenger). Please follow these 3 simple steps:
2. Click "Start"
3. Type "Merida info" 

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