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Kayak near Merida Mexico

Kayaking photographs are increasingly becoming more popular around the world. So if you are one of those seeking to row in these canoes with different landscapes, and you happen to come to Yucatan peninsula, I’ve got good news for you: there are more and more alternatives to practice this activity at Southeast Mexico.

And although it’s still not commonly known, Yucatan has wonderful places to kayak, such as cenotes, beaches and my favorite... Immersed in the mangroves!

If you are planning to visit Merida, you probably did not consider kayaking as one of your options in the White City, however it is excellent for those who enjoy nature.

We decided to practice it in the community of Chuburná in Progreso, located only an hour away from Merida. Here, it is feasible to do so both in the areas surrounding the port and in more remote streams where there are even watersprings, and a cenote.

Despite the proximity to the state capital, this quiet fishing village makes you feel as if you were much further away. We toured the area near the port and we can assure you that it is a wonderful place.

Along with us, also came a family, about 20 of them, 4 of whom had never practiced kayaking and a pair of amateur kayakers. So you can rest assured that if you have not done kayak before, the place has the perfect characteristics to practice it and have a great adventure, regardless of you being a beginner or not.

Our guide showed us the 3 kinds of mangroves that live in this habitat: red, black and white. Mangroves are wonderful and very resistant species; in fact, they act as a natural barrier of protection when hurricanes approach.

As for fauna, in the area inhabit reptiles, pelicans, flamingos, herons and many more birds... an awesome treat if you love photography.

The kayak is done through the Ria (river). It’s huge, so you will be surrounded by nature and under the beautiful Yucatecan sky. Better still, the mangroves have formed paths, to enjoy them from a short distance, and dreamlike tunnels… it’s undoubtedly, a great experience.

The area is shallow, and they guided us to a small isle where we could get off the kayak. It seemed we were walking on the water!

There are services to come here directly from Merida, you can even visit during sunset, or at night if you dare to experience it under the moonlight and the starry sky, enjoying the calm and the sounds of this wonderful place.

We had a great day and the place has definitely become my favorite spot to kayak.

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  • It is advisable to bring insect repellent, hat or cap and water; remember heat can be extreme, mainly from April to September
  • Take care of the nature, take all your trash with you

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