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Las Coloradas in Yucatan, Mexico: One shot and gone?

People have asked us a lot about Las Coloradas, so I hope you’ll find this article useful.

The first you need to know is that this place is located over 230 km away from Merida. That’s why, even when it’s possible to get there by bus, via the nearest town, “Río Lagartos” with an estimated time of 5 hours! So in this case, daytrip and bus aren’t a good match.

For a daytrip we recommend you drive by Tizimin or Valladolid route. We drove via Tizimin, the road is in good conditions and it isn’t a high speed road; which is great if you like photography, as you will enjoy views of ancient Haciendas, convent ruins, and a beautiful cenote (sinkhole).

Picture: Hacienda

The cenote I refer to is located in Kikil village. It’s open-type, and over 60 meters deep. It is managed by locals, who also offer food service, handcrafts, bird’s observation tours, and even a camping area.

Picture: Kikil cenote

In the surroundings you can also find Kikil’s Franciscan Convent ruins.

Picture: Kikil’s Franciscan Convent

After taking a breakfast, you can continue your way heading to Northern Yucatan, only 1-hr drive from Las Coloradas. The excitement increases by the mile, and even more when you cross the Ria Lagartos Natural Park bridge.

A little further ahead you’ll find beautiful beaches, and a snow-looking hill. Needless to say, there isn’t snow in Yucatan any time of the year, nor  hills near the coast… The hill that we passed was in fact a mound of… Salt!    

Finally, what you were expecting...You have arrived! You can now confirm the water really is pink, and find other tourists taking a shot like the picture seen all over the Internet.

Picture: Las Coloradas

Only one shot and leave?

I was surprised when I realized a lot of visitors leave the area, once they have taken their photo.

Good news to you are, there is more to visit in the area. Local guides are prepared and ready to share why the water is pink, and the process for doing it. You can also visit with them areas to sightsee pink flamingoes in their natural habitat, get covered with clay enjoying a natural exfoliation, and swim in the beach.  

Picture: Flamingoes in Las Coloradas

Also, Las Coloradas town is a good place for lunch after a busy afternoon. Even with that you are on time for getting back to Merida the same day.

Remember, there is a lot more in the region: Cancunito beach, Rio Lagartos, San Felipe and Punta Nichili. You can find accommodation at these places, boat tours in the river, water springs, and more.

You can also get to Las Coloradas from Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Valladolid.

Important data for visiting:

How to get Las Coloradas from Merida and Valladolid:


  • It is advisable to bring water, and biodegradable insect repellent and sunscreen. Between April to September the weather is very warm.

  • Care for nature, take all your litter and garbage back with you.


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