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Mexican food and a hidden cenote in Yucatan

Our family visited us in Merida, they had already been in some of the most popular places in  Yucatan, and as we moved here we wanted for them to enjoy something different. There was only enough time for a day trip.

The whole group consisted mostly of my aunts between 50 and 83 years old. Luckily all of them are healthy, adventurous, and energetic. We also were craving for a local breakfast, so we decided to visit Motul (1 hr. Distance from Merida).

We like to taste the food that local people recommends, and when we arrived to Motul every one agreed in the same place at the Market. We got there, and some ingredients of our light breakfast were: tortillas, tomato, cheese, peas, ham, bananas… Yeah! Authentic “Motuleños Eggs”!

We enjoyed the breakfast so much that it was necessary to take a walk, before going to our next stop. We visited downtown Motul, which is the place where Felipe Carrillo Puerto was born. In Motul, you can visit the museum of this yucatecan hero, take a ride in a “Calesa” (a carriage pulled by a horse), visit its ancient church, even swim in a cenote. Motul has its special charm, the people is friendly and you can also feel this calm atmosphere peculiar in Yucatan. 

We decided to continue, our next stop was a small village at the beach, 40 minutes distance from Motul. San Crisanto is a calm place, has few restaurants, and we took a walk admiring the sea shells and the landscape. 

When I’m enjoying this kind of places, time flies. As we had in mind another adventure we went for our tickets. 

The guides took us to the mangroves in a truck. There are waterways which mostly emerged after a hurricane. These water channels are so shallow that we were taken in a little boat driven by the guide as in Venezia, with a mangroves landscape instead. I’m still surprised to see its roots outside the water.

Finally we reached a wonderful cenote (sinkhole), where we swam. The peace and the landscape are unique.

The day was very hot, so once outside the mangroves area, we were lucky to find a man selling coconut “bolis” (flavored ice bags). We all enjoy a great Yucatecan style day. 

When was the last time you wandered when craving for something? How far did it take you?

Important data for visiting:

How to get Motul from Merida: 

How to get San Crisanto from Merida: 


  • To swim in the cenote, take your swimsuit, snorkel or goggles, and life jacket.
  • It is advisable to bring water, and biodegradable insect repellent and sunscreen.
  • Do not leave trash; Be especially careful with glassware and / or campfires.
  • Do not damage, remove or destroy nature.
  • Do not feed, touch or approach to the fauna;
  • Ask about facilities, roads and areas of public use, also for authorized activities.
  • Do not bring with you plants or animals.


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