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2 months in a precious city: Mérida, Yucatan

I stayed 2 months and a half in the region of Yucatan and the stay really pleased me! There is so much to see and to do!

The city of Merida has a very interesting history, from its Mayan origins through its time of commercial exchanges with Europe with the plant Henequen, and even today’s.

The inhabitants are really nice and often there are parties in the center and in other places in the city to celebrate different occasions. The central market is really interesting to discover, as well as the many museums (the museum of handcrafts, Macay museum, the museum Casa Montejo, the Canton palace...). Often free movies are proposed in the center Olimpo. You could go out of the center too, or in the neighborhood for a walk, there is always a nice spirit in the public squares.
Speaking about the food, you should try a torta de cochinita (pork sandwich with onions) and the unique ice creams (coconuts, corn).

In addition to everything you'll find in the city, the surroundings offer a lot of landscapes and opportunities to benefit the region.

  • the ruins and the heritage of the Mayan culture, especially the sites of Uxmal and Dzibilchaltun

  • the cenotes, wild miracles... from the village of Homun you could visit several of different types

  • the pink lagoons, reserves of salt

  • the beaches, the one of Sisal is my favorite

  • the plantations of Henequen

  • the colonial - “magical” villages (Izamal, Valladolid...)

The crafts are a must to discover in this region, traditional clothing, wood sculptures, jewelry of shells, handmade hammocks...

Rosbel and Gerardo are the guides you need to help you see what you want. They know a lot about the whole region and surroundings and offer atypical tours to fully enjoy it. I am really glad to have met them at the beginning of my stay in the Yucatan. Plus, I met many friends in their tours because the mood everytime is really friendly.

For sure, the country has a lot to offer but you should definitely take some time to discover Merida and the surroundings for a few days, it's a cherished and precious city!

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