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5 styles to live Yucatan

Welcome to the exotic Yucatan, the ancient Mayan territory awaiting to offer you life-changing experiences. How do you want to explore it? Live your epic getaway with friends, family or your partner. Build special times for bonding while: exploring a new activity, learning from local lifestyle or discovering your new favorite destination. Enjoy cozy or cultural days, explore off-the-beaten paths or reconnect with nature. Immerse in the jungle, coast or underground landscapes. Feel the enchantments of its cities, ancient historical civilizations, beach breeze, and more.

All-styles welcomed!

Contact us if you need assistance. Our top 5 ways to live Yucatan are:

1. Feel refreshed

Sometimes all you need is to let your routine stress melt away with new landscapes, new people, or new ideas. Yucatan is a unique Mexican state not only because of all the different attractions or exotic wildlife but because of its characteristic culture. Throughout history, Mayans have left a unique legacy. And this, mixed with Spanish, and other Caribbean influences due to ship commerce, and of course, a modern Mexican impact results in an unexpected culture to admire. What does this mean? You will be surprised by its language, traditions, music, ideas, cuisine, art, and more.

You can pick or mix… from 3 relaxing alternatives.

1.1 Colonial

Are you more of a city-person? Get the real look-and-feel of these influences by enjoying Merida, its capital and cultural hotspot (read The 3 reasons to enjoy Merida culturally). Learn from the best-economic times in the Yucatan: the henequen, or Sisal era and the uprise of haciendas; some of which are renovated working museums, or museums left with its original touches, or some abandoned ones. The 2 so-called Magic towns, due to its Mayan and Colonial importance, and touristic infrastructure, are Izamal and Valladolid.

1.2 Zen

In search of wellness? You can choose from either a nature connection or invigorating all-inclusives.

For the former, let yourself enjoy the Yucatec jungle, beaches, cenotes or caves to practice or be guided through a meditation or yoga experience... feel the wind, smell the vegetation surrounding you and touch the earth... you can go back to the basics, and reconnect to nature, the universe or God, depending on your beliefs.

Or, enjoy the enchantments of living in paradise (even for a few days), and be amazed by the world-class service you'll receive. Did you know the 2017-rated best hotel in the world is less than an hour away from Merida?

Spas, renowned chefs, upscale nature, you name it!

1.3 Beaches

Lose track of time at sun-kissed destinations with your significant other or with your family. Aside from your time at the beach, you can discover one of its several coast destinations with plenty of wildlife due to its mangrove forests in the rivers reaching out to the sea. These forests protect Yucatan territory, fish and birds from hurricanes, and provides the perfect ecosystem for nutrition and reproduction. This means, you can also enjoy bird watching, kayaking through mangrove channels, swim at watersprings, biking and eating fresh seafood.

2. Get your heart beating

Are you more of a risk-taker, in search of the original and reaching the unexplored? Yucatan has plenty of adventure too. Pick your favorite activity or destination... Immerse in the jungle, go through one of its hundreds of caves, explore many of its thousands of cenotes, or go through coast regions at night. Dare to bike in jungle trails, rappel down cave domes, kayak traversing mangroves, snorkel or dive. Charge up your energy and share this lifestyle with like-minded people.

You can stay at rural cabins or in the city if you are mixing styles.

3. Powerful ancient civilizations, knowledge… and world-class art

Your choice, focus on history: Mayan archaeology, culture and art; or on contemporary: live-Mayan culture, art and native crafts.

3.1 Learn from history

Learn and be inspired by extraordinary ancient knowledge, and way of perceiving Life. There are over 2,700 known vestiges throughout the State, many of them grouped at its over 15 archaeological ruins sites (you may enjoy reading about its astronomical effects). Feel the magic or Mayan architecture, and be amazed by how they lived, worked and chose where to settle or when to move, how to fight, and more.

3.2 Admire and get inspired by contemporary culture

Contemporary culture encompasses art and plenty of museums and galleries: ranging from painting, murals, sculpture, and music; and also Mayan-influenced arts and crafts. As you may remember from The 3 reasons to enjoy Merida culturally, Yucatan is the Mexican state with the highest index of indigenous language, in this case, the Mayan. From contemporary Mayans you can learn how to create hammocks, prepare your traditional dish at a firewood, cacao workshops, apiary honey production (European and endemic-Yucatan melipona bees), nails-free construction, pre-hispanic musical instruments or simply spend some time with a community (read about it).

4. Culinary flavours

Due to the many influences Yucatan has had, you can clearly see its impacts in its gastronomy. It is commonly said you could eat every day of the year a different Yucatec dish, yes, over 300! In practice, there are special dishes for certain celebrities (e.g. Hanal Pixan or Day of the dead), or for special occasions, and for the everyday. If you want to explore and taste Yucatan, you have to try a typical dish (which you may prepare yourself), seafood, and a non-Mayan-original dish, for example, Motulenos eggs.

If you are interested in learning more about cuisine, you may enjoy reading An overview of Yucatan cuisine.

5. Luxury leisure

You can mix the best of the previous 4 styles with a twist, live the exclusive spots and treat yourself with elegant services; including private getaways, fantastic activities, spas, high-end restaurants, and over-the-top accommodation.

Relax, adventure yourself, immerse into nature, experience the culture, and taste traditional and fusion cuisine. You can discover the region snorkeling, kayaking, cooking, sailing, horseback riding, meditating, etc.

You can stay at the best hotel in the world, as ranked by Prix Versailles 2017: Chablé Resort and enjoy its luxury-nature mix, spa and its restaurant by the renown Mexican chef Jorge Vallejo.

Choose your favorite way of enjoying your travels… Contact us if you need assistance! :)

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Small and comfortable, Valladolid

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Xcaret Hotel

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Mahekal Beach Resort

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Hotel at Paseo Montejo Avenue

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Luxury Boutique Hotel close to Paseo Montejo

Located at Merida's downtown.
It's built in a traditional Yucatecan house, completely renewed. 
A sanctuary within the White City, a refuge for composure, privacy, and relaxation.
Perfect for 2 guests, minors are not allowed (under 17 years old)
Bar, Spa, yoga classes, Swimming Pool, WiFi...
Rooms from: $285 USD per night (taxes included)

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Boutique Hotel at Heart of City Center

An antique 17th Century mansion renewed and converted into a boutique hotel.
2 blocks walking distance from Merida's Main Square
WiFi, Parking, Swimming Pool, Board games, Laundry, Massage...
Rooms from: $1,600 mxn per night (Taxes included) (~82 USD)

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Cabin romantic getaway close to Merida Mexico

Take advantage of your trip to Merida and stay overnight at a traditional Yucatan village

It's located at less than 1-hour drive distance from Merida
You can get relaxed at a comfortable Mayan style cabin
With A/C, fridge...

What to do in these cabins?

Get relaxed, and enjoy being on Yucatan
At the village, you can find local handicrafts.
The facilities include a swimming pool, gardens, lounge chaises, and hammocks. 
These cabins have a beautiful blue cenote, with awesome rock formations, perfect for snorkeling.

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Hard Rock Hotel

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NYX Cancun

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Rooms from: $2,500 mxn per night (~$129 USD) 
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Occidental Costa Cancun

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