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The amazing Crystal Caves in Yucatan Mexico!


Today, let me share with you Carlos story.

He lives in Mérida, he is a young entrepreneur, and one of those persons who can’t remain passive for a long time. He loves biking, and does so everyday at 4:30 am because he aims to improve his time to reach  Progreso, the closest beach to Merida.

Even though it’s easy for him to meet people, he doesn’t trust as easily. And as many others, he has his own personal history, obstacles, dreams, and his own search of happiness. Maybe this is the reason why he wishes to visit new places, learn different stuff, and help others. This is the story about how, looking for an adventure, we met...

Axl introduced him to us, and our group with which we would visit the Crystal Caves at Southern Yucatan. That time we booked the service at with some local guides at Tekax town. We decided to go by public transportation so we agreed meeting a Sunday very early at a park in Merida, where we took a “colectivo” (a van) to get to Tekax.

Once there, the guides were waiting for us with all the safety gear ready. We headed to some hills where we would start hiking. We hiked at the jungle, everything was green, we walked through some areas that smelled really good. I love it and can still bring it back!

Finally, we reached the entrance to the cave. The group included people from 20 to 50 years old. We were in a straight line and we entered to Mayan underworld.

As we moved forward, we found bigger vaults with a lot of rock formations (stalactites & stalagmites). Even though this is a dry cave, you can feel the humidity in the air. 

Suddenly we found a tight tunnel, we went through it in parts squatting and others crawling! At the end we needed to climb to reach a huge area whose roof is plenty of sea snails fossils from probably millions of years ago. Another proof that Yucatan Peninsula was once under the sea.  

After that, we crossed another tunnel to reach the crystals area. There, the minerals, the water, and the time had made pieces of art. There are huge chambers, stalactites, stalagmites, and some formations look like waterfalls, it’s awesome.

For this moment we had been in the cave for about 3 hours, some were exhausted and others were tired of the darkness. This experience certainly allows to meet people in different ways and unique circumstances. You can see how they are physically challenged, how they bring help, how they lead, and how they motivate to others. Of course, Carlos was one of them.   

Time to get back, and as you can imagine, our muscles felt very different than at the beginning. Finally we got out... really dirty, and certainly really proud of ourselves. We had finished the whole expedition!

We hiked back, and there were watermelon slices, and pitaya fruit water waiting for us. Everything was delicious!

When we returned to Merida, the group looked quite different. Even when we were the same, the group was stronger and more united. Carlos met people he can trust, and with whom he can share learnings and experiences in this adventure called life.

Writing this article we tried to inspire you to be outdoors this weekend, we hope we accomplished our goal.

Can you recommend us a place to visit in Yucatan?  

How to get to Crystal caves from Merida:


  • It is advisable to bring insect repellent, hat or cap, and water

  • Take care of nature

  • Take all your trash with you

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