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Top 10 reasons to visit cenotes in Tecoh, Yucatan

Tecoh is a Yucatan municipality with hundreds of cenotes, caves and Mayan villages. It is not very touristy despite of being well connected, having good transportation, and spectacular landscapes.

We decided to visit Tecoh during a free weekend when we first moved to Merida. We needed to get away from the city, stretch out, and do some physical activity! We didn’t want to spend much, had little time, and many places here were already in our to-go list. Luckily and after a quick research on we had a plan setup, which happened to be extraordinary. This is why I’m sharing my top 10 reasons to live this experience.

1. Nonstop surprises with cenotes and caves

Discover crystal-clear, great-size cenotes, both diameter length and depth. Most of the ones we visited are semi-open and with caves or even inside caves. The most famous caves are Tzabnah’s, 100% in the darkness. You can only value their beauty, being physically there.

2. Roads and trails

The municipality’s office is only 30 minutes from Merida, some farther villages are ~1-hour driving. The location is excellent for a daytrip. There is good transport routes, public transportation and great routes to bike. Some of the latter are parallel to cars but there are also incredible trails where you can breathe fresh air... accompanied by, literally, hundreds of fluorescent-colored butterflies.

3. You can get lost in nature for hours... and it is a wonderful experience if you do.

It is advisable to come with enough time to venture into nature, either walking or biking. You’d probably reach farms, plantations or the end of a trail and find it’s no longer possible to continue, this would definitely become a unique and adventurous experience.

4. Live the Mayan culture

In Tecoh as in its small communities you can immerse yourself in its culture. From food prepared at outdoors wood grills, their lifestyle and stories exchange, you will end up renewed (a positive and highly recommended experience).

5. You can be as extreme as you wish

Leaving aside how much you could dare to venture into paths and villages; also cenotes will challenge you to overpass certain limits ... You would be encouraged to jump from at least 5 meters high, to dive in several of them or to let go from a Tarzan rope swing, a pair of meters of above water.

6. History

It is known that this region was very active during the caste war by Mayas who hide in caves, and by Spaniards within larger communities. In addition to parishes of Spanish influence also stand out 2 haciendas, the famous Sotuta de Peon and exhacienda Xcanchakan.

7. Archeology and Mayan vestiges

Mayapán, the small Chichén Itzá, is in this municipality. In addition to hundreds of remains in cenotes, villages and even in Tecoh’s parish, which was built on the basis of a pyramid with large quantities of carved stone.

8. Location: close to Homun and other great places to visit

Tecoh can be easily connected to the cenotes of Homún or Cuzamá, to the east. To the south you can go to the Puuc area either for its archeology or for some outdoor activity at the hills. And to the north you can get to Abalá, and of course Mérida.

9. Security

As you probably know, Yucatan is a very safe state to travel. Additionally if you decide to spend the night out or camp, there will always be someone who stays in the area or gives its rounds. For example, we camped in Campepen and 2 inhabitants of the village (Chinquila) went to stay in hammocks in the resting areas, right outside the cenote. Camping is also available at Tzabnah caves, they even notify the authorities so they can monitor the area more frequently. So, stay calm and feel free to enjoy towns and their outskirts.

10. Support local communities

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, Tecoh is not the classic tourist destination, which means that any activity you perform in the area can directly support these communities. It’s perfect balance! you have fun while supporting locals, mainly peasants or children, with an additional source of income.

When visiting

How to get here

  • Tecoh is less than an hour driving from Merida. There are buses and colectivos (taxi-vans) almost every hour. More Info.
  • Get guidance to bike, snorkel or scuba dive in Tecoh, you can book here directly.


  • It is advisable to bring biodegradable insect repellent and sunscreen, and water.
  • Remember heat can be extreme, especially from April to September.
  • Care for nature, take all your litter and garbage back with you; take special care of glassware and / or campfires.


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