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Top tips to travel by car or van in Yucatan

Mexico has a vast diversity, which gives you plenty to discover and enjoy. Be free touring and enjoying your itinerary at your own pace: get on your own. If you have or want to rent a car, you can enjoy a road trip through Yucatan. Discover what to see and recommended routes to enjoy your road trip with safety, fun and local immersion. 

Share activities and memorable places visiting the habitat of flamingos and more fauna, enter the underworld through cenotes or caves, untap the Mayan wisdom still visible in ancient cities and temples, or discover the pink lagoons of Yucatan.

Also, share and ride in a group. We help you with options when you need to rent a van for up to 8 passengers, or a suitable transportation rental:  vans for 8-22 people or buses for up to 40 people.

[Map with ideas of what to see in Mexico when you are on the Yucatan peninsula: beaches and nature, Mayan culture, artistic life, adventure, and more]

Discover how to make your route by car through the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico:

How safe is Mexico and what to see on your tour of the states of Quintana Roo and Yucatan?

Mexico is a safe place to travel when you prepare in advance or visit safe cities. Like anywhere in the world, take your precautions and prepare in advance. Security problems, which are often in the news, are in the border area; mainly in the states of Chihuahua and Tamaulipas, and in recent years in Guerrero, Veracruz and Michoacán. Traveling by car, it is also important to know the routes, as there are often problems in the tourist state of Chiapas. For the rest of the country, and even more so in tourist regions, you will feel very safe.

Do you know which state is the safest in the whole country? Yucatan; including its capital Merida, 2 magical villages, more than 15 archeological zones (here is Chichen Itza), natural reserves on the coast and jungle. Only in October and November, 2019 Merida has been recognized in the top 5 as a Mexican city with the best quality of life and as the best city in the world to travel (by Condé Nast magazine)

For the same reason, Merida is a great place to use as a base or main city; you can arrive at the international airport of Merida. Or, it's also very well connected to one of the country's largest and busiest: Cancun airport. Also, if you want to enjoy an afternoon with free events, delight in a canteen / bar or restaurant- to the rhythm of the Yucatan trova, or just walk to enjoy its architecture ... in Merida you will find the confidence and freedom to do so.

[If you want to read more about events and an overview of why visit Merida, click here]

How to move around Mexico and Yucatan safely?

Decide before your trip how and what you want to explore to choose the route which:

  1. is more convenient for you

  2. will allow you to get to know and make the most of your available time

  3. prepares you beforehand for what expects you in the road - consider that in many areas of the peninsula there is no cellular network (not even for calls, let alone mobile data)

  4. lets you live local experiences, many of which are available only when you request them beforehand

The roads in Yucatan are safe. Note that the only highway is from Merida to Cancun; any other route is on the federal road, and they are generally in good condition. Many destinations in localities are accessed by dirt roads - if you plan on taking one, remember it will take you longer than what any map application says and preferably, find out if a car is the best way to get there according to the current road conditions (these roads change a lot by season or depending on when the last maintenance was).

If you want more information about roads and transportation in Yucatan Mexico, you'll be interested to read this]

Recommended car route of 5 must-sees in the Yucatan peninsula and Mexico’s Mayan area

Flamingos and birds

Do you know which is the best season to see flamingos and several species of birds that migrate to the peninsula? Yes, there is a season in which you will see even more than normal, which is a lot to say. More than 50% of all birds in Mexico are found in the Yucatan.

Through the jungle, you can admire woodpeckers, cardinals, colorful 7 colors and the emblematic toh bird.

On the coast and beach area of Yucatan (by the way, it's more than 400 kilometers, and includes some nature reserves) - you can appreciate, with respect to its habitat, the pink flamenco, blue herons, cormorants and many more. Click here to choose your favorite natural beach experience.

[Pink flamenco is one of the most sought-after birds to spot on Yucatan's coasts and beaches; do you know what the real color of their feathers is, and how do they acquire it?]

Cenotes where you can swim

Do you know why cenotes exist in southeastern Mexico? (if you haven’t yet, definitely read here about them). They are a gift of nature, full of peace and life: in addition to swallows, tohs, and fish, often endemic, you will swim in thousands of liters of freshwater (due to continuous filtration or connection with underground rivers, the water is clean and in most cases crystalline).

If you already know cenotes, have you appreciated the electric blue of some cenotes when they are pierced by a beam of natural light? Enter the cenotes and discover why they were sacred to the Mayans; take time to appreciate their secrets, inhale and let them catch you. Find out here cenotes experiences to leave you breathless, and to get on your car.

[Discover the magic of one of the thousands of cenotes in the region; how many will you enjoy?]

Adventure and active ecotourism

Another way to get into the Mayan underworld in Yucatan is entering their caves. Imagine, only 1 of the more than 100 municipalities has over 200 registered caves. Additional to the limestone soil and multiple minerals of the region... you will find impressive formations and a lot of Mayan history inside caverns... 

If you want to add adrenaline to your trip to Mexico, enjoy these activities.

[Connect with nature and challenge your group with an active day - get out of your comfort zone and be surprised!]

Uxmal, Chichén Itzá and Maya immersion

Discover the Mayan legacy in its archaeology, ancient temples... and also in its food and Mayan art (inherited generation after generation). Let yourself be carried away by guides passionate about the local history who will make you relive moments as if you were part of it. 

In addition, try dishes from communities and uncover recipes that existed long before the arrival of the Spaniards. Why were those ingredients used and how?

And if you want to delve deeper, meet a family that has rescued multiple traditions, including Mayan art. Value these teachings and live these experiences, and/or contact us if you’d like an archaeological guide.

Pink water on the Yucatan beach

Beaches are the most sought after destinations when it comes to travel in Mexico; so photos of Yucatan's pink water have quickly circled the world. Did you know that this is an extraction job, used by the Mayans before the arrival of the Spanish?

Find out why they are formed and how long they last. Before visiting, I recommend that you make sure they’re visible on your dates since during harvest season (changes each year) you will see the drained lagoons. And yes, they are lagoons near the coast but it is not a pink beach. And no, you can't swim (once you feel the texture, you won't want it either).

Click here for different options to visit Las Coloradas.

[Tour the beaches and coastal areas; you will learn about life, traditions and work- such as salt extraction]

More recommended ideas on your trip to Cancun or Merida

Asides from visiting like a local, enjoying the tranquility and security of this region in Mexico and admiring the natural beauties of the Yucatan peninsula; also take advantage of the great tourist landmarks of Quintana Roo

Great ideas for celebrating Christmas or New Year while traveling in Mexico

The holidays are approaching, and Yucatan is a great option to celebrate. 

From enjoying your dinner in a cenote, in a hacienda or on the beach, live something unique. If you come as a couple, you can prepare a more exclusive and romantic dinner, plus you can stay in a cabin that mixes comfort and closeness to nature.

If you want a cenote, take advantage of one that has facilities for you to enjoy the night safely. Contact us and we will help you make your Christmas or New Year's dinner.

[Make this holiday even more special sharing a unique place]

Where to see the sunrise and everything you can enjoy with a rental car in Yucatan

Rent a car, make your route and arrive on your own.

Yucatan is mainly flat, only the "Puuc" area has certain hills; which makes it ideal for taking advantage of the landscape and the multi-colored sky at dawn.

I recommend 2 fantastic routes to enjoy sunrises and reconnect with nature:

Option 1: enjoy the coast, birds and a luxurious lodging within a reserve

Option 2: enter and stay in a region surrounded by low jungle where you can feel the Mayan culture

[You deserve time to relax, live together and appreciate the small details of life. Enjoy comfort and nature.]

Do you want more ideas? view here more ideas to make your circuit with car rental.

Can I help you with your road trip to Yucatan?

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Small and comfortable, Valladolid

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Xcaret Hotel

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Mahekal Beach Resort

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Hotel at Paseo Montejo Avenue

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Luxury Boutique Hotel close to Paseo Montejo

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A sanctuary within the White City, a refuge for composure, privacy, and relaxation.
Perfect for 2 guests, minors are not allowed (under 17 years old)
Bar, Spa, yoga classes, Swimming Pool, WiFi...
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Boutique Hotel at Heart of City Center

An antique 17th Century mansion renewed and converted into a boutique hotel.
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Rooms from: $1,600 mxn per night (Taxes included) (~82 USD)

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Cabin romantic getaway close to Merida Mexico

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It's located at less than 1-hour drive distance from Merida
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With A/C, fridge...

What to do in these cabins?

Get relaxed, and enjoy being on Yucatan
At the village, you can find local handicrafts.
The facilities include a swimming pool, gardens, lounge chaises, and hammocks. 
These cabins have a beautiful blue cenote, with awesome rock formations, perfect for snorkeling.

Contact us for booking & more info

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Hard Rock Hotel

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NYX Cancun

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Rooms from: $2,500 mxn per night (~$129 USD) 
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Occidental Costa Cancun

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