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Visit Merida, Mexico with family, partner, or friends


Are you a first-timer and wondering what to do in Merida? Or, are you already an expert?

Either way, we can help you, and you will be wanting to come back soon. For experts, you know that Yucatan has a lot to offer, and more ideas are always welcome. First, we need to know more about you and know how would you like to travel this time. I will describe 4 examples, and I invite you to contact us for a more personal recommendation.

1- Trip to Merida with families

Are you traveling with kids, teenagers or maybe elders? We want to help you find out what to do and visit, so everyone will enjoy. 

For example, cenotes (sinkholes) are awesome, but I do not advise to bring kids or elders to all of them. Natural reserves are beautiful, but some boat tours can be uncomfortable if someone suffers from backaches.  

In addition, if you need some time alone with your partner, we can recommend a nanny service too.

2- Trip to Merida with your partner


  • Besides visiting the most popular landmarks, give you and your significant other time away to be surrounded by nature, take a cuisine or Mayan Art workshops or do some rowing, biking, and more. Who knows, you may discover your new favorite hobby. 
  • If you like to visit towns, Yucatan has 2 “Magical Towns”: Valladolid and Izamal, and a lot of other colonial towns where you can immerse in the local culture, its cuisine and their Haciendas, many of which work nowadays as beautiful hotels or restaurants.
  • Merida is a cultural hotspot, there are a lot of events, many of them free. Also find spas, restaurants, and bars with live-music (trova, jazz...). In addition, you can stay at one of its boutique hotels, or at the best hotel in the world. The latter according to Prix Versailles (2017 ranking), which is located a 30 minutes drive distance from Mérida!

3- Trip to Merida with friends

If you also believe that a journey is best measured in friends rather than miles....

This region is perfect for you. Cenotes, beautiful beaches, caves, jungle, and more. In fact, only the state of Yucatan is home of more than 50% of the bird species you can find throughout Mexico. 

  • So, if you are adventurous, you can go biking, scuba diving, kayaking, camping, hiking, caving...  
  • If you are food explorers, Yucatan cuisine is amazing. It is a mix of Mayan food and the Spanish Colonial one: a remarkable success. And you can wander through Yucatan roads, enjoying its landmarks while you taste different dishes. 
  • And in Merida, you can hang out at one of its several bars with Latin music where you can dance, or go to a “cantina” and enjoy its good vibes.

4- Trip to Merida for work

You are really lucky! Even with limited time, you can squeeze in some landmarks visiting. Just enough to keep you counting the days for your next visit to Merida.

Or how about bringing your team to share some activities which will improve communication or team building... We have a surprise for you (contact us to learn more about it)

Remember we can craft you a special program that helps you get the best out of Merida. The good news is you could also include Cancun or Riviera Maya while making a stop at Chichen Itza ruins on the way there :) 

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