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What to do in Merida Mexico for the first time

You have heard a lot about the Yucatan, and finally, you have booked your flights! 

Now the question is: What to do in Merida?

Discover the Mayan Heritage

If this is your first time, you’ll certainly be interested in Mayan culture. The good news is, only the Yucatan state has over 15 archaeological sites to immerse.

Be amazed at Chichen Itza, one of the New Wonders of the World, where you will discover buildings that show the advanced knowledge that Mayans had a long time before colonial times.

Another site you must visit is Uxmal. It’s surrounded by jungle and has awesome architectural panoramics. Located at the Puuc Route (Pu’uk in Mayan means hill), where you can also visit other places like Kabah, Loltun Caves, among others.

Explore Natural reserves & Ecotourism

If you enjoy natural landscapes, in Yucatan you’ll find plenty to choose from. 

Celestun and Rio Lagartos are the most famous ones, mainly due to the pink flamingoes. From Rio Lagartos you can also visit the pink waters of Las Coloradas.

You’ll find that in Yucatan live almost 50% of bird species of the whole country. Quite so! Exotic birds at their natural habitat. 

If you like to explore, and if you dare kayaking, you will appreciate flora and fauna from a closer distance and avoiding the crowds. 
In addition, Yucatan has amazing places for hiking, biking, caving, meditating, and more.

Swim in its Cenotes

If you come to the Yucatan, you must swim at least at one cenote.

Immerse yourself at the deep blue of thousands of liters of crystal clear water, without current, nor waves, and decorated with stalactites and stalagmites that have been formed through thousands or millions of years.

Cenotes are perfect to swim, snorkel, and even to scuba dive.

Close to Merida, there are many cenotes. So you can spend a day visiting only some of them or you can also visit some of the colonial Haciendas in the area.

Enjoy cultural events in Merida

Avoid the heat in the White City, and enjoy it during the best hours of the day. In addition, every night you can watch some of the free shows like Yucatecan music, video mappings, folk dances, and more.

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