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Find yourself again through natural experiences... Based in a Mayan resort surrounded by nature, discover culture in Uxmal's Puuc Route area and in contemporary Mayan art

Discover culture in Uxmal's Puuc Route
Find your connection with nature
Be inspired by more nature and culture

Escape the routine and connect naturally in Uxmal

Escape the routine and let go of stress, relax 3 days with natural contact.
Admire the nature and the connection that Mayan communities have had with this region: from medicinal plants, the Mayan underworld, birds or the endemic bee - the melipona.

Explore the culture of the ancient Mayan cities, their temples, and palaces of the Puuc Route.
Discover their traditions through a local, Mayan-speaking community. Value its artistic elements and learn how to create your own work.
Taste the local flavors of Yucatan's cuisine.

Enjoy the majesty of the cenotes. Feel the energy swimming with a different perspective and enjoying millenary formations, and with a bit of luck, local birds.

Take advantage of these 3 days of connection and natural beauty with this rural, eco tour with lodging in a Mayan resort.
As the nearest airport is Merida, you may also enjoy sightseeing in the colonial city full of traditions and exquisite gastronomy. We give you your car rental for your stay so you can move freely.

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Senderos en Zona Arqueológica Sayil, Santa Elena, Yucatán
Mirador Zona Arqueológica Labná, Oxkutzcab, Yucatán, México
Zona Arqueológica en Kabah, Santa Elena, Yucatán - wanderlum - Kabah Mayan ruins Mexico

Discover culture in Uxmal's Puuc Route

Visit ancient Mayan cities of great boom and power, long before Chichen Itza
Explore temples and palaces, and even ancient roads
Relax and disconnect in a resort surrounded by Yucatecan nature; at night you can take advantage to admire the light and sound show in Uxmal

Zona Arqueológica Uxmal, Santa Elena, Yucatán
Artesanías en Mirador Muna Yucatán - Wanderlum
La Casa del Adivino en Zona Arqueológica Uxmal, Santa Elena, Yucatán

Find your connection with nature

Discover the majestic city and the star of the Puuc route: archaeological zone and Uxmal pyramids
Uncover the secrets that keep the structures regarding lifestyle and connection of the Mayas with nature
Immerse through a local, Mayan-speaking community
Value contemporary Mayan art and learn how to create your own work
Taste the local flavors of Yucatan's cuisine
Take advantage of unique panoramic views to enjoy beautiful sunsets

Cenotes Hacienda Mucuyche
Cenotes at Mucuyche, Yucatan
Hacienda Ochil, Yucatán - Wanderlum - Hacienda cerca de Mérida  México

Be inspired by more nature and culture

Enjoy the majesty of the cenotes
Swim and admire millenary formations in sources of thousands of liters of crystal clear water - with luck you'll view some of the region's birds, such as the toh
Discover the rise of Yucatec green gold in a hacienda or in the wealth of Merida as in Paseo de Montejo
Visit Merida and have fun at a Yucatecan cantina or in one of the many museums (music , Mayan culture, or art)

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