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Can our planet support the life you live? every step towards Mother Earth counts. Learn to conserve the environment with a sustainability program; take eco-techniques recommendations to become more socially responsible. Relax and get inspired by this natural reserve in Merida.

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How to protect nature and be more eco-friendly in Mérida

Relax and feel nature's energy.
Live this one-day sustainability program at a natural area, being restored, in Merida Yucatan.
Support the work done in this private reserve; as part of the eco-education and if conditions permit, you may even plant a tree.

Eco-inspire yourself at the Mayan Na' Lu'um, with its biodiversity of flora and fauna.
Every step towards Mother Earth counts; discover conservation eco-techniques for social responsibility.
From the management of waste to a composting toilet... learn from an expert who lives this far apart from the urban life.
Do you know the difference between the care of a tropical forest, a food forest or setting up a permaculture garden?

Be amazed by the passion, hard work, and deep love you can share for the natural world.
Do not just visit, live our Pachamama.

*If your group size and program permits, you may swim at the beautiful, crystal-clear and private cenote (maximum 15 people per day, with special care for nature).

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Merida Mexico
Color en Mérida, Yucatán - Wanderlum
Cenote azul en la selva, cerca de Mérida, Yucatán, México - Wanderlum

Comfortable transportation departing from Merida: private vehicle for your group
Discover this ecology project that restores a natural area in Merida Yucatan
Live this one-day sustainability program, marvel at the biodiversity of flora and fauna, and learn eco-techniques, reforestation activities and permaculture gardens
Plant your own tree
Relax and feel nature's energy. Explore trails and Mayan vestiges, or dive into the crystal-clear, blue cenote.
Enjoy a delicious veggie lunch, from the local harvest
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