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Your Renewal

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Need a break? Treat yourself with a 3-day getaway and re-energize naturally


Pause, change your routine and renew yourself in Merida Mexico by being in nature.

Discover what you can achieve stepping outside of your comfort zone. Explore 3 unique places: the coast, the Yucatan forest, and a private cenote. Allow yourself to let go: paddling, enjoying a massage and practicing a guided meditation.
Everything carefully crafted for your re-thinking and renewal.

Transform yourself and share the magic of this Mayan land with a small group of people dedicated to living the power of now.
Connect with nature and with what makes you happy.

Join us! you deserve a break, contact us to participate.

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Kayaking Merida Mexico
Playa en Chuburná Puerto, Progreso, Yucatán, México
Kayak en Chuburná Puerto, Progreso, Yucatán, México - Kayaking tour near Merida


Imagine your first day at the beach and enjoying Yucatec seafood.
Afterward, discover the magic of stepping out of your comfort zone: row surrounded by birds in absolute freedom, peace, and nature.

Artesanías en Mirador Muna Yucatán - Wanderlum
Senderos en parador ecoturístico Mirador Muna
Vistas en Mirador de Muna Yucatán


The next day, discover the pause you need to listen to your inner self. Streamline your life while discovering jungle trails; simply be in nature and connect with the cycle of life.
Flavor an authentic Mayan dish and treat yourself with an outdoor massage, fully surrounded by nature, on your hammock, and with incense scent in the air.

Blue cenote at a private natural reserve in the jungle, near Merida, Yucatan, Mexico - Wanderlum
Merida Mexico
Cenote azul en la selva, cerca de Mérida, Yucatán, México - Wanderlum

Your Renewal

The third day of your personal retreat will give you a special moment to keep in close touch with yourself. Find peace, your spirituality and live the power of now practicing a guided meditation in nature; even in places with Mayan evidence, you'll notice if the energy there feels any different.
Feel Mother Earth through its underground 'xibalba' entrance: discover a private cenote with blue crystal-clear water; it will be only for you!
Let yourself enjoy a delicious vegetarian meal.
Be in nature to clear out mental and emotional clutter... Practice something new... Accomplish what you wish for in your life.

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