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Feel the rush and dare to challenge yourself, get an adrenaline rush and explore awesome places in Yucatan

Feel the rush and discover the unexpected
Admire ancient culture
Cool off at a sacred cenote

Yucatan adventure


Enjoy 4 days in Merida, the White City.
Explore impressive natural landscapes and let yourself be conquered by the unique flavors of Yucatan.

Drag or descend by rappel to admire the formations of millions of years inside caves.
Bike through trails in the jungle to reach awesome cenotes of crystal clear water to cool off...
Surround yourself with nature and discover birds of beautiful colors.
Camp and hike to reach authentic Mayan villages or hidden Mayan ruins.

And of course, explore majestic Mayan ruins or one of the New Wonders of the World.
Fall in love with the magic of this Mayan land and get ready to live authentic eco-tourism.
Your choice, we take you to live adventurous experiences, or we rent you a car to double the challenge.

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Kayak en Chuburná Puerto, Progreso, Yucatán, México - Kayaking tour near Merida
Playa en Chuburná Puerto, Progreso, Yucatán, México
Kayaking Merida Mexico


Get away from the pollution and the crowds... reach a pristine beach where you will be surrounded by birds in absolute freedom.
Start paddling and rowing through mangrove trees until you find a hidden water-spring to swim and cool down. And enjoy a freshly cooked ceviche.

Crystal Caves, Mexico - taken tour to Crystal caves from Merida Mexico - Yucatan - Wanderlum
Ruta Puuc maya, Chacmultún México, Tomada en tour de senderismo a pueblo maya y Chacmultún
Grutas Chocantes, Tekax, Yucatán  - cave Mexico - Wanderlum

Feel the rush and discover the unexpected

Hike millenary trails, these same ones were used by Mayans... oh, by the way, they still are. Reach an authentic Mayan village, what will you learn from them?
Or feel the rush of exploring natural underground places with formations of millions of years and stories and legends from several hundreds or thousands of years ago.

 Zona Arqueológica Uxmal, Santa Elena, Yucatán
Show de Luz y Sonido en Chichén Itzá, Tinum, Yucatán
La Casa del Adivino en Zona Arqueológica Uxmal, Santa Elena, Yucatán

Admire ancient culture

Discover the Puuc region, hidden between jungle hills, and admire the impressive culture through Mayan history
Tour one of the favorite Mayan ruins, ¿have you heard about dynasties? (not the Chinese ones, but in Yucatan)...
Or, visit the majestic Chichen Itza and discover the secrets of the Kukulkan pyramid. And, flavor a traditional lunch.

Cenote Lepan y Hacienda
Hacienda near Merida - beautiful hacienda - Hacienda Lepan
Hacienda cerca de Merida - hacienda México - Hacienda Lepan

Cool off at a sacred cenote

Venture on dirt roads pedaling your bike. Travel through villages and lose your fear of darkness inside caves and cenotes. Also discover the secrets from the old henequen haciendas.
Marvel at the beautiful natural landscape, which after millions of years, we can appreciate and swim in its crystal-clear waters. Remember these were sacred places for the Mayans, respect these spaces of nature and enjoy its peacefulness.

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