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Becán Zona Arqueológica
Campeche Mexico

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Because of its importance and location it was considered the regional capital at the time.
2:00 hours
Monday - Sunday
08:00 - 17:00

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Becán Zona Arqueológica information


$55 MXN
recommended stay 2:00 hours
Monday - Sunday
08:00 - 17:00

Becan Archaeological Site is characterized by being surrounded by an artificial moat that can be associated with combat activity with other neighboring sites, as well as the separation of social classes. To enter there are seven entries, which could access the population living outside and that worked in agriculture and handicrafts.
Chronology: 600. C. - 1400 AD.
Main chr...

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Remember heat can be extreme, especially from April to September. Stay hydrated and dress accordingly.

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Where is Becán Zona Arqueológica and how to get to Becán Zona Arqueológica , Calakmul - Xpujil, Campeche

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Campeche - Calakmul
It is included the cost of fuel for a car in a roundtrip from Merida. The time is calculated only for 1 way. The recommended order is: Depart from Campeche, Calakmul Nature and Archaeologic museum, Calakmul archaeological site, Calakmul Bat Volcano, rest at Xpujil, El Hormiguero archaeological site, Xpuhil archaeological site, Becán archaeological site, Chicanná archaeological site, and Balamkú archaeological site. The estimated cost also includes getting back from Balamkú archaeological site to Campeche.
8:00 hours
$952 MXN
Bacalar - Xpujil
Departures from bus station located in: Calle 19 Libramiento 159-b (Between the streets: 28 & 30), Bacalar, Q.R.
2:50 hours
$248 MXN
It is included the estimated cost of fuel and tolls for a car in a roundtrip.
1:35 hours
$300 MXN
Chetumal - Xpujil
It is included the estimated cost of fuel and tolls for a car in a roundtrip.
1:35 hours
$300 MXN
Departures from bus station located in: Av. Salvador Novo #179 (Between streets: Javier Barros Sierra & Guillermo López Vega), Constituyentes de 1976, Chetumal, Quintana Roo
1:40 hours
$300 MXN
Mérida - Calakmul
6:00 hours
$1200 MXN
Xpujil - Calakmul
Get from Xpujil to Calakmul ruins by public transportation, with a collective taxi van. Book in advance for availability, minimum 3 persons.
1:00 hours
$700 MXN
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