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Puerto de San Felipe

2:00 hours
Monday - Sunday
00:00 - 00:00

Puerto de San Felipe information


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recommended stay 2:00 hours
Monday - Sunday
00:00 - 00:00

Punta Nichili is a ecotourism destination to enjoy the biodiversity of its trails (hiking, kayaking, boat rides), crocodiles and different birds species; also enjoy an archaeological island or fishing.

Easy / light physical activity

walking / hiking , kayaking , snorkeling , other aquatic activities

walking / hiking
kayakingsnorkelingother aquatic activitiesother aquatic activities
Also suitable for

Attraction categories
beachother natural landscapes

recommended stay 4:00 hours
Monday - Sunday
00:00 - 00:00

Puerto de San Felipe is a town that still keeps its customs.

Fishermen made tours around the area and mangroves. There are also services for birds' observation, scuba diving and sport fishing, and of course, boat tours to Rio Lagartos or Las Coloradas.

Seafood is prepared in several dishes; squid, lobster, octopus, etc.

Easy / light physical activity

other sports , scuba diving

other sports
scuba diving

food service

food service
Attraction categories
beachother natural landscapes


It is advisable to bring biodegradable insect repellent and sunscreen, and water.

Every modification alters the ecosystem, leave nature sites, elements and its fauna as found.

Care for nature! Bring bags to take all your litter and garbage back with you; take special care of glassware and / or campfires.

Remember heat can be extreme, especially from April to September. Stay hydrated and dress accordingly.

Where is Puerto de San Felipe and how to get to Puerto de San Felipe, San Felipe, Yucatán

Puerto de San Felipe location

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Routes and daytrips

day trip Río Lagartos - Pink beaches and pier seafood:
3 places
5:00 hours
Map for recommended route Río Lagartos - Pink beaches and pier seafood

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