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An event surrounded by Yucatan nature

Because your group is special, share spiritual activities or ecotourism in Yucatán.
Forge deeper connections with each having fun sharing integration activities at suitable venues.

>Share your special day and take a little of Yucatan and its Mayan ceremonies, haciendas history, cenotes mysticism, jungle and beach landscapes...
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Explore, live and share a different experience

Fun bonding activities and different venues?

Enjoy ecotourism activities, even spiritual (like a Mayan ceremony) Connect with your group of family, friends or co-workers with integration activities

  • Brainstorm in inspiring places
  • Celebrate achievements
  • Strengthen company values at unexpected venues
  • Inclusion - each of you matched to a person with disabilities

Improve: creativity, problem solving, communication, and team-work.

Strengthen leadership, social responsibility, and more...
In Yucatan Mexico: Merida, Cancun or Bacalar

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You're not always together, get the most out of the time when you are.

Share and stay together with crafted ice-breaking activities, rallys or workshops to get you all participating at venues carefully selected for you.

Incentives and celebrations. Project events or corporate retreats. We help you.
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Social and disability inclusion

In 1 day make a change, and make it count, through sensitization with your group.
Share an ecotourism activity with people with disabilities in Yucatan Mexico. Discover the challenges they face everyday, take the initiative towards an inclusive society.

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Nature team-building experiences, aligned to your objectives

Enjoy trainings, a retreat, events, incentive travel and team-bonding in Yucatan, made easy

incentive travel and retreats made easy

How does your group react to challenges or experiences taking you out of your comfort zone?
Appreciate each other and discover a new connection.
Learn from real-life experiences, get an aligned conference: professional athletes or a motivational story from a Record Guiness holder.
Also meet communities and have fun with custom made integration activities.

Fun bonding activities and different venues?
An event surrounded by Yucatan nature

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Strengthen your soft skills at a perfect-remote place, be a better manager and leader,and enjoy with your team

Great things occur outside of your comfort zone.

Impress your team with fresh air sceneries or a luxury / boutique hotel

Would you rather stay in the city or be surrounded by nature?

Flight tickets, transfers, eco-tourism and Mayan culture, bonding activities… we've got you covered!

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