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Your corporate event in Yucatan? Make it happen on time and under budget

Your retreat, KICK-OFF or brainstorming in nature. ECO-FRIENDLY tours for team-building, bonding, incentives, or to improve communication / leadership
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5 ways to help you with your Merida, Mexico package

Incentive Travel, Retreats Mexico...

Some employees are doing a great job? Celebrate and give outstanding shout-outs.

Experiences are more memorable and more valued than bonuses.

Pamper them with All-Inclusive stays at an exotic beach, or at boutique hotels.

Make them enjoy with private tours at exclusive places, or in groups to explore the most important landmarks in Yucatan and Riviera Maya.

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Fun bonding activities at different and outdoor venues?

  • Disruptive games with customized content: challenges, puzzles and talents highlights
  • Create stronger company culture and connections, with a sense of purpose, at unexpected venues
  • Ecotourism, or creative activities, or even a Mayan ceremony
  • Inclusion - each of you matched to a person with disabilities

Forge deeper connections and play unforgettable integration activities at suitable venues.

Improve: creativity, problem solving, communication, and motivation.

Strengthen leadership, team work, and more...
In Yucatan Mexico: Merida, Cancun or Bacalar

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A push of social responsibility and inclusion for your team?

Live a sensitization with your group. Each will share with a person with disabilities at unexpected venues.
Immerse in rural villages, and value the authentic Mayan legacy and culture.
Or, discover how to apply eco engineering and give a hand at restoring the Mayan forest/ jungle.

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Fun bonding activities at different and outdoor venues?
Be surprised by Yucatan's colors, the breeze, or the charm from natural deterioration decor

How much Mayan culture and nature surroundings do you want?

We’ll focus on the finer details with a Project Management approach, you’ll be able to check online that everything goes off without a hitch, no matter where you are or what time zone you're in.

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Imaginative and tailored-made trips

A business retreat in Yucatan? Achieve it in time and under budget.
We help you with corporate services in Merida, ecotourism, haciendas, cenotes, and other Yucatan inspiring landscapes

Boost their morale, achieve leadership and management soft-skills in Yucatan

When your team grows, you have new inputs, views, and energy.
Keep the control and share with them your company core view, celebrate achievements and live team-buildings at admirable places or through ecotourism in Yucatan.

Organize your Yucatan event:

Venue and services to bring it to life with transparency and order

Event planning

Travel logistics

Venue selection

Destination insights and knowledge

Event design and decor for your theme and ideas

Transparent communication and online status

On-site staffing, hosts

We understad the challenges you face: long-distance planning, multiple vendors, changes, logistics, ...

Show your style, and add local insights

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How does your group react to challenges or experiences taking you out of your comfort zone?
Appreciate each other and discover a new connection.
Learn from real-life experiences, get an aligned conference: professional athletes or a motivational story from a Record Guiness holder.
Also meet communities and have fun with custom made integration activities.

Let's talk so we can help you get more happy faces and good memories for your Yucatan event México

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