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Do you want a trip to help you forge deeper connections where everyone has a good time?
Appreciate each other and discover new social bonds. Surprise them and have fun with activities tailored for your group, immersed in your travel itinerary.

We understand you; organizing the details of a trip without interrupting your day-to-day occupations is a challenge.
How to plan your voyage if the web overflows with outdated or deceptive photos and information?
Not to even mention, how many hours and calls will you spend?
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Social inclusion

Imagine getting out of your comfort zone, feel the breeze, and admire nature, flora, and even exotic birds
Did you know this is only 1 of the multiple situations a person with disability can't usually experience? Is this a disability limit or an unfair social limitation?
Feel for a moment how it is to explore with a disability. Live social responsibility and share this experience with a local who cannot hear, walk, or see the same way you do.

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Protect the environment

How many hectares and time would you donate to help recover our Mother Earth?
Live a sustainability program: learn eco-techniques easy to apply, and recognize the impacts of our daily lives
Sleep under the starry sky, and discover flora, fauna, or even permaculture secrets
Relax and feel the nature of this Mayan land.

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How do you imagine México?

Be yourself, just as you are, be with your group in Yucatan and Riviera Maya, Mexico

tour image Beach break- enjoy nature beauty

Beach break- enjoy nature beauty

Relax on the Emerald Coast with flamingos and other birds. Your bungalow will be in the middle of the jungle overlooking the beach with white sand and seashells. >>

tour image Corporate Social Responsibility: Inclusion at Yucatan

Corporate Social Responsibility: Inclusion at Yucatan

Live social inclusion through challenges. Leave a mark in your coworkers or customers and improve your corporate image. We’ll organize you a disability awareness event in Mexico, spend time with someone with a disability, admire their value and potential. >>

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