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Get there on your own, explore, and mix adventure, culture, and eco tourism in Yucatan, Mexico ... Also, admire the sparkle of crystals inside a cave! #TogetherInTravel

day trip - 9 am - 6 pm

Challenging physical activity

walking / hiking , zip-lining , rappel , climbing

walking / hikingzip-liningrappelclimbing
Tour Also suitable for

with hearing impairment

with hearing impairment
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DESCRIPTION Best Crystal caves tour

Explore a cave that hides Mayan secrets and discover awesome petrified crystal waterfalls.

Challenge yourself and live this memorable adventure:
+ Walk surrounded by nature
+ Introduce yourself to Mayan Underworld
+ You will need to drag to reach these natural crystal formations

Admire the result of millions of years captured in several rock formations.
Discover the ancient purpose of this cave, and who were their first inhabitants.

Find out which surprises are waiting for you at the Mayan Underworld, one of the best ecotourism tours in the Yucatan.

Finally, enjoy a local meal, you can camp with us, and if you still have enough energy.... do rappel, climb or fly at a zip line!

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Walking / Hiking, Zip Lining, Rappel, Climbing Tour From Mérida, Mexico

Map image


+ Entrance fee to cave
+ Security gear and equipment
+ Certified guide

Doesn't include

- After-caving extra activities (wall rappel, zip line, climbing)
- Tips
- Personal expenses
- Lunch (1 regional dish upon request)
- Transportation (ask for our car rental service or our private transportation service from Merida)

- Be comfortable with narrow places and darkness (this tour is not recommended for claustrophobic or very anxious people)
- Have a good physical condition
- Comfortable clothes; which can get very dirty
- A change of clothes
- Snack and hydration


It is advisable to bring biodegradable insect repellent and sunscreen, and water.

Every modification alters the ecosystem, leave nature sites, elements and its fauna as found.

Care for nature! Bring bags to take all your litter and garbage back with you; take special care of glassware and / or campfires.

Remember heat can be extreme, especially from April to September. Stay hydrated and dress accordingly.

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service testimonial
Best Crystal caves tour

from Merida

"Excelente organización! La pasamos súper bien, una experiencia inolvidable. Seguramente planearemos otro viaje con Uds! Gracias"

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Tour agenda

Best Crystal caves tour

  • 09:00 AM.

    Meeting point: city downtown, Yucatan

  • 09:15 AM.

    Get ready for your cave tour: and obtain your security equipment, additionally, get your lantern for darkness

  • 09:45 AM.

    Let the adventure begin! Go inside the cave: cross trenches, discover its history ... and be surprised with the brightness of the crystal cave in Yucatan.

  • 04:45 PM.

    Enjoy a delicious Yucatan meal

  • 06:00 PM.

    Tour end - Zip Lining, climbing, or rappel? Go for it if you still have energy after the cave tour in Yucatan

Next available date:

Oct 11, 2021 (Monday)

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Even better with:

  • Zip line / Rappel : $110 MXN
  • Camping Area: $150 MXN
  • English-speaking guide: $500 MXN

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Even better with:

  • Zip line / Rappel : $110 MXN
  • Camping Area: $150 MXN
  • English-speaking guide: $500 MXN

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