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Get there on your own and release your creativity, make your own art at a Mayan Village guided by a local artisan 😁

day trip - 10 am - 1 pm

Easy / light physical activity
Tour Also suitable for

kids, good for children , with hearing impairment

kids, good for childrenwith hearing impairment
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DESCRIPTION Mayan Experience at Jungle

Enjoy a magnificent scenic landscape overviewing the Puuc route below you...

You'll meet a Mayan artisan.
He will show you some pre-hispanic musical instruments and their usage at ceremonies.
Meet the Mayan sacred bee, the melipona native stingless bee, and its benefits.
You can also walk through trails surrounded by nature.

Let your creative spirit shine... guided by local craftsman, create your own handicraft!

And enjoy outdoors a delicious traditional dish of the region.

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Tour From Muna, Mexico

Map image


+ Guide
+ Yucatecan meal + Xtabentun tasting (ancient Mayan drink)
+ Access to the artisans' gallery
+ Entrance to explore trails and enjoy the wonderful panoramic
+ Activity: create your own handicraft

Doesn't include

- Tips and personal expenses
- Transportation (ask for our car rental service or our transportation service from Merida)

[+] Comfortable clothes
[+] Cash or credit card for crafts and personal expenses


It is advisable to bring biodegradable insect repellent and sunscreen, and water.

Every modification alters the ecosystem, leave nature sites, elements and its fauna as found.

Care for nature! Bring bags to take all your litter and garbage back with you; take special care of glassware and / or campfires.

Remember heat can be extreme, especially from April to September. Stay hydrated and dress accordingly.

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Mayan Experience at Jungle

from Cd México

"Nos fue súper bien. Nos gustó mucho!!!"

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Tour agenda

Mayan Experience at Jungle

  • 10:00 AM.

    Start your handicrafts workshop at 10am or 2pm

  • 12:15 PM.

    Enjoy the landscape, can you recognize something from the Puuc route?

  • 12:30 PM.

    Take a walk through trails surrounded by nature, and discover their gallery

  • 01:30 PM.

    Enjoy your meal

Next available date:

Oct 20, 2021 (Wednesday)

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