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Swim with the whale shark in Holbox Mexico. Rise up early and dive in to meet this majestic creature, which visits the Mexican Caribbean every summer... also, admire the coral reef

day trip - 5 am - 1 pm

Easy / light physical activity

snorkeling , other aquatic activities

snorkelingother aquatic activitiesother aquatic activities
June - September
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Swim with the Whale Shark

DESCRIPTION Swim with the Whale Shark

The majestic whale shark visits the Mexican Caribbean every year. Will you dare to meet it?

Get an early start at your selected meeting point at Holbox.
Or, upon request, get here from Merida, or Riviera Maya: Tulum, Playa del Carmen or Cancun.

On the Yucatan and Riviera coasts, this great fish migrates - popular areas are near the waters of Cancun, Holbox, Isla Contoy and Isla Mujeres.
The mix of Caribbean waters with its limits with the Gulf of Mexico causes the flourishment of nutrients, plankton, and life.
Here is the feeding site for this noble animal that allows us a respectful approach.

Of course, it is also common to find giant manta rays or dolphins.
It is an unforgettable adventure, and exciting because along with the captain of your boat, you will look for the whale shark area for the day of your tour.
Depending on the visibility, climate, and sea conditions... the opportunity opens for you to enjoy this experience.
Swim with the great whale shark, quite docile and scary...
So let's care for it as much as possible - be it swimming or simply watching on board.

Enjoy swimming in pairs with the whale shark.
Finally, snorkel in a Caribbean coral reef, and be amazed by the beauty of the crystal clear waters and reef fish.

Enjoy onboard snacks & lunch.
Live this great adventure and unique experience during summer time only, from May to September.
Depends on weather conditions and notices from Harbor Master.

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Snorkeling, Other Aquatic Activities Tour From Holbox Lázaro Cárdenas, Mexico

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+ Whale shark swimming in pairs and guide - with life vest
+ Roundtrip transportation from Holbox (upon request - quote varies if your origin/meeting point is outside the island)
+ Light breakfast
+ Reef snorkeling
+ Onboard box lunch

Doesn't include

+ Tips
+ Tax fee for Port & Nature Park of whale shark habitat
+ Personal expenses

+ comfortable clothes
+ swimming suit
+ (ecological) insect repellent and sunscreen
+ cap or hat
+ sandals
+ water-resistant photographic camera


To swim in cenotes bring your swimsuit, a visor or goggles, and life jacket (even if you know how to swim).

It is advisable to bring biodegradable insect repellent and sunscreen, and water.

Every modification alters the ecosystem, leave nature sites, elements and its fauna as found.

Care for nature! Bring bags to take all your litter and garbage back with you; take special care of glassware and / or campfires.

Remember heat can be extreme, especially from April to September. Stay hydrated and dress accordingly.

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Tour agenda

Swim with the Whale Shark

  • 05:00 AM.

    Request your quote to get pick-up from Holbox, Merida, or Riviera Maya: Cancun, Tulum or Playa del Carmen

  • 07:00 AM.

    Get on board your boat very early, receive all the security briefing and information regarding the day weather and sea conditions

  • 08:00 AM.

    Immerse into the Caribbean waters and learn why summer waters allow the largest fish (~45 ft) in the world to approach the coast

  • 08:30 AM.

    Dare to dive in and swim with the whale shark... is it more a whale or a shark, how docile is it? and, will you spot any more wildlife?

  • 11:00 AM.

    Explore the 2nd largest coral reef in the world, marvel at the Caribbean colors and reef fish

  • 01:00 PM.

    Back from the sea

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Jun 1, 2020 (Monday)

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