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Celebrate in Yucatan

We get you, you want to live and share a special moment. You'll be happy to surprise and enjoy your guests, but you're not sure how to do it?
Also, how to start with so much Internet information overload, or how to coordinate when others have a say at decision making.

Groups, birthdays, weddings and corporate events. Enjoy it, and capture memorable moments
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4 tips for your Merida or Riviera Maya event

When was the last time you truly enjoyed them?
Get a 5-star trip and share wonderful moments

We help you enjoy your highly awaited event, avoid worrying, we'll handle all the details

you are not typical

You're not always together, get the most out of the time when you are (excellent for Merida or Riviera Maya birthday celebrations)

Share and stay together with crafted ice-breaking activities, rallys or workshops to get you all participating at venues carefully selected for you.
Ideal corporate events, pre-wedding bonding, to celebrate your birthday or other friends or family gatherings
And yes, even the ones will cellphone addiction will be happy to get their hands off it and participate.

Mayan wedding - mexico ceremony, imagenes de bodas, decorador para bodas

Share your new side, your Mexican identity

Be part of a prehispanic ceremony or Mayan wedding with an authentic Mayan shaman (j-meen), whose knowledge is generational.
Immerse in the secrets of this millenary culture and feel Mother Earth - as planners, we'll take care of the details.
You'll discover the mysticism and the mood enhanced by your perfect location we'll help you pick; either a cenote, cave, hacienda or garden.


Capture moments that will last for generations to come

Creative photo-shoots with a photographer in Merida, Cancun or Riviera Maya.
Capture your emotions into still and moving frames.
Get shots of your wedding, of your family and everyone closest to you at recommended venues or during your ceremony.

save time

Have your checklist under control

We'll also help you with other details, such as, transportation, accommodation, haciendas, cenotes or other venues, catering, nanny services, and more

How can we help you?

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Do you want a trip to help you forge deeper connections where everyone has a good time?

Your event, activities, photo shoots, tours, etc

Impress your team with fresh air sceneries or a luxury / boutique hotel

Would you rather stay in the city or be surrounded by nature?

Flight tickets, transfers, eco-tourism and Mayan culture, bonding activities… we've got you covered!

How can we help you?
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Let's talk so we can help you get more happy faces and good memories for your Yucatan event

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Explore Yucatan or Riviera Maya comfortably and take advantage of every moment enjoying fully your group

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