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Why will you repeat your Merida visit?


musts in the city: night shows, dance at a cantina, eat at a market


archaeological sites... only in Yucatan, plus language, traditions


reasons to swim or immerse into Mother Earth: beach, cenotes, lagoons, caves


activities, enjoy cultural and eco-tourism: yoga, cook, scuba-dive, bike

Which is your unmissable experience?

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The most representative site from the Puuc route. Prior to Chichen Itza, perhaps even more impressive. Find nearby other 5 sites and we get you: Mayan massages, ecotourism, artisans workshop, and more.

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Chichen Itza

Chichén Itzá

1 of the New Wonders of the World. Enjoy it guided by an expert. In the area, we can help you with: a cooking class at a village, secret cenotes or ruins, and more.

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Dive into the amazing natural pools of Yucatan, wonderful for snorkeling. Visit a touristic "park" or more secret ones. We take you and you can enjoy: yoga, biking, cooking class, scuba diving, and more.

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Las Coloradas

Las Coloradas

The lagoons with pink water really exist! Also enjoy beaches and delicious seafood. Once there, explore a nature reserve with exotic birds, cocodriles, and more. We take you from Merida.

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Enjoy the more chic haciendas or flavour an authentic dish. Choose between restaurant, hotel or museum… take a cooking class, swim at a cenote or go underground. We tell you how to experience it.

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Escape to the almost 400km of beach in Yucatan: explore the top 5, admire birds and flamingos, flavour its dishes and feel the breeze: on a boat, kayak, biking or surrounded by seashells.

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In 3 services: relax, enjoy and explore the Yucatan region

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Arriving on your own

Be free: we give you a car, tips and your interactive travel map

P.S. you may also... Book a workshop or local tour with a community guide
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Make the most of your time

Enjoy wonderful places and meet the gurus at each.

Tours: Private or in groups
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Mix & Match: enjoy staying chic or classic, in the city or let yourself be surprised.

Hotels, haciendas, camping or cabins
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How do you imagine your Merida vacations?

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4 days in Merida

package example

Explore ancient Mayan times and ruins - Chichen Itza, Uxmal in the Ruta Puuc, and more.
Discover haciendas, cenotes and beach landscapes.
You will also flavor some of the over 300 Yucatan specialties!

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5 days in Merida

package example

Caving, biking, kayak, swimming, and more eco-tourism!
Enjoy (or discover) your favorite activity at prehispanic caves, Mayan ruins, haciendas, beach and cenotes.
Or stay for a day at a rural cabin or go camping.

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3 days in Merida

package example

Your ZEN-sational/holistic experience at a boutique hotel or a rural cabin. Feel the unique vibe from the ruins, cenotes, beach or the jungle.
A rejuvenate retreat with yoga, meditation, artisanal cacao workshop, Mayan ritual, etc.

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