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Take advantage of Wanderlum's years of experience in business management and consulting... Achieve workforce happiness

It's a business strategy. If you're a happy employee, you'll be 20% more productive and raise sales by 37%, according to Forbes.

77% confirms they'll be more committed if you recognize their achievements.

Lyubomirsky author suggests you control roughly 40% of your happiness; a 20-year-study from Cornwell reveals experiences bring you more and more-lasting happiness than money or possessions do.

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Your retreat. Relax and Enjoy a perfect space for your team.

  • Brainstorm in inspiring places
  • Celebrate achievements
  • Bonding in incredible settings and locations

Improve: creativity, problem solving, stress management, and foster meaningful relationships.

Strengthen leadership, social responsibility, communication, and more...
In Yucatan Mexico: Merida, Cancun or Bacalar

Live trainings through nature experiences, aligned to your business objectives

Enjoy trainings, a retreat, events, incentive travel and team-building made easy

incentive travel and retreats made easy

Imaginative and tailored-made trips

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Receive training and strengthen your soft skills at a perfect-remote place, be a good manager and a successful leader.

Great things come outside of comfort zones.

Impress your team with fresh air sceneries or a luxury / boutique hotel

Would you rather stay in the city or be surrounded by nature?

Flight tickets, transfers, culture tours, eco-tourism, team-building activities… we've got you covered!

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