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The beauty is in the mix

Luxury, chic or rural

We help you get your best option depending on your style and which places / activities you wish to enjoy.

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Enjoy luxurious ammenities at an up-scale accommodation: in the city at a boutique hotel, at an hacienda or a hotel with high-end services.

Did you know the 2017 Prix Versailles' best hotel in the world is in Yucatan?

Enjoy a chic or classic hotel: you may like a swimming pool, access to a kitchen, etc. Or, feel like a local staying at a comfortable house, in the city or a beach.

Would you rather stay in the city or be surrounded by nature?

Breathe natural air, enjoy star-gazing, and feel the magic of its many different landscapes... Choose to go rural, at least for a day.

How do you imagine your rural accommodation: cabin, camping, glamping?

Traveling to Yucatan Mexico, what's best for you?

In 3 services: relax, enjoy and explore the Yucatan region

1. Be free!: best places to visit and stay, with car rental

2. Make the most of your time: tours

3. Project events, corporate retreat or team-building

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