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5 components to coordinate your yearly trip easily

1. Be acclaimed, thanked by your group

We know you already have a good idea of what to do. Get everyone to have a good time, while you keep up with your daily tasks. Coordinate your coming trip with a local perspective, with ease.

2. Get peace of mind

Avoid reproaches, guarantee sevices' safety and make them match with the photos/info you see online. You'll feel welcomed and comfortable, enjoy places, and aligned recommendations to get more out of your stay.

3. Have your checklist under control

Save communications and availability issues, we concentrate all the details for you of booked services. We'll help you notify all your group the necessary information to be ready for each day.

4. Make everyone enjoy

Surprise them with details ad-hoc to your itinerary: activities, meals, bonding, etc. Enjoy Yucatan and Riviera Maya: its nature, culture, spirituality and adventure.

5. Promote bonding time

How does your group react to challenges or experiences taking you out of your comfort zone? Appreciate each other and discover a new connection. Also meet communities and have fun with custom made integration activities.

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Explore, live and share a different experience

Do you want a trip to help you forge deeper connections where everyone has a good time?
Appreciate each other and discover new social bonds. Surprise them and have fun with activities tailored for your group, immersed in your travel itinerary.

We understand you; organizing the details of a trip without interrupting your day-to-day occupations is a challenge.
How to plan your voyage if the web overflows with outdated or deceptive photos and information?
Not to even mention, how many hours and calls will you spend?
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How do you imagine Mexico's Southeast?

Click and we give you some ideas!

4 days in Mexico's Southeast

package example

Explore ancient Mayan times and ruins - Chichen Itza, Uxmal in the Ruta Puuc, and more.
Discover haciendas, cenotes and beach landscapes.
You will also flavor some of the over 300 Yucatan specialties!

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5 days in Mexico's Southeast

package example

Caving, biking, kayak, swimming, and more eco-tourism!
Enjoy (or discover) your favorite activity at prehispanic caves, Mayan ruins, haciendas, beach and cenotes.
Or stay for a day at a rural cabin or go camping.

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3 days in Mexico's Southeast

package example

Your ZEN-sational/holistic experience at a boutique hotel or a rural cabin. Feel the unique vibe from the ruins, cenotes, beach or the jungle.
A rejuvenate retreat with yoga, meditation, artisanal cacao workshop, Mayan ritual, etc.

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Live exclusive and traditional tours... for EVERYONE, all-styles and all-ages!

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Learn from traditional and authentic experiences in Yucatan peninsula.

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